Bodo and Non-Bodo: Ethnical and Communal disparities in Assam

By Younten Phuntsok

Since the eruption of ethnic clash driving death tolls rising to 58 lives and 2 lakhs of people are evacuated to relief camps within last 6 days. The situation has never being a stable and it does not seem to be at normalcy unless central government of India and the state government work correspondingly to each other so as to make sure that no more deterioration of mass killing could be affordable fundamentally .

The root cause of the violence took place in Assam is not merely communalism rather roots from ethnical issues on land disputes settlement since British rule in India. It is a historical matter of immigration of Adivasis in Assam in late 70s. Adivasis is termed as a heterogeneous set of ethnics and tribal claiming that they are aboriginal population of India.  Adivasis societies are settling diverse in India.

During the time of British annexation of India, Adivasis were immigrated from Chotta Nagpur for labors believing that those people were hard working and small area of land were given in exchange to stay where Bodo tribals living. The present Bodo tribals are claiming against Adivasis that they are British brought immigrants, Bengali speaking Muslims from Pakistan and Bangldesh. Ethical difference becomes the core menace of the issue backed by misconception of religious difference.

When the Bodo Liberation Tigers; former terrorist group in Assam surrendered to Congress government in 2003 and become a part of it, Bodoland District Territorial Council was founded, non-bodo (Adivasis) started arguing the council’s ignorance against them. Student bodies in that particular area pointed out the same as the magnitude of recent communal ethnical violence.

Bodo land tribals are claiming that recent outnumbered of Muslims immigrants from border of Bangladesh would dominate by using their land.

Since mid 90s, disparities among these groups have been leveled up to live themselves in harmony. On 20 July, 2012 when four homogenous Bodoland tribes were killed in Kokrajhar districts by non Bodo muslims, it sparked the whole mass and brought them into flash clash.

State and central political responsible people were unable to deploy police and armies to interfere the violence in these disputed areas, is revealed among the arguments between Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and central government.


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