Tibetans across several cities in India under fear of attract

Younten Phuntsok

Atmosphere of natural beauty in some cities and states in India including Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune has suddenly changed among North Eastern and others resemblance to them of, after Mumbai riot this month. Reasons are of multiple factors affecting from Burma communal riot to recent development of Assam Bodo and Non-Bodo land settlement conflicts. These people are attracted with acknowledgement of merely similar physical appearance and facial resemblance by Muslims.

Since some weeks, Muslim communities largely in Pakistan were misusing Tibetan Buddhist monks status on Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims conflicts in Burma. Tibetan government in Exile based in Indian said that “A photograph of Tibetan monks standing in front of a pile of dead bodies appeared in many websites in the Muslim countries, especially Pakistan”. The image was put on a website in Pakistan (ColumPk.com, Urdu Current Affairs Portal) on 30 July and removed a day after Central Tibetan Administration wrote them to remove it to avoid possible conflict between Buddhist and Muslim communities. The photo was about Tibetan monks helping to victims of a devastating earth quake hit in Yushu in Tibet on 14 April 2010, killing over 2000 people.

Image wrongly posted in Website and circulating among Muslims by using different social medias

However CTA further explained “But the photo is still in circulation, as some Muslims carrying the photo during their recent protest in Mumbai on 11 August 2012, appeared in Zee News, a leading news channel in India”

Tibetans monks carrying service to the victims in Yushu in Tibet during 2010 earth quake killing over 2000 people

They also appealed in a press release “We strongly appeal to the media across the world not to use this photo, which is being circulated by miscreants to provoke conflict between the Buddhist and Muslim communities”.

I was personally resented on this circulation and obviously felt hypothetically that Chinese government was in the back support in order to disturb the relationship between H.H. the Dalai Lama and Muslim world. I was simply annoyed mentally with simple fact that I was from Yushu and many of my relatives and friends died at the same time in 2010 earth quake.

Day after a Tibetan Diploma student in Mysore was stabbed on his chest by two Indians. Tibetans across Bangalore, Mysore, and Pune and nearby are staying under constant fears. I have personal confirmation that many of Tibetan college students have already left to other places, fearing that Muslims will set target to them after Ramadan/ Ramzān period. Tensions are slowly sweeping across other states.

 Times of India website reiterated that the victim known as Tenzin Dhargyal, 22, was “staying overnight at a hospital since two days to look after two Lamas, the Tibetan monks who have been admitted for treatment”. Later on Tibetan leader in Karnataka State Jampa Phuntsok clarified that “tabbing of a Tibetan Youth in city tried to allay the misconceptions in the mind of Muslims in India that Buddhist monks are totally unconnected with the reported incidents of attack on Muslims in Myanmar”

There was another report by Azad Essa in guardian, UK base international news network confirms that an Image carrying caption “Continuity of massacre of Muslims of Burma by Buddhists. More than 1,000 killed yesterday . Please share”  was sharing in the Facebook. It was proved to be fake and misleading news

that is what happened in Thailand and not in Burma

The historical back ground of Myanmar conflict between Buddhist and Muslim brother is deepened early in 1950s, the conflict spread to India after Rohingya Muslims originally from Bangladesh started intercepting into North Eastern Indian cities Mizoram,Tripur and Manipur. Many believe that the violence of Myanmar triggered recent communal riot between Hindu and Muslim. However, Rohingya Muslims are unwelcome to any other countries including Thailand, India, Burma and Bangladesh which might also sensitizes the feeling of Muslim brothers across the world.

As far as the nature of the conflict as concerned, it does not imply involvement of Tibetan Buddhist in the conflict. Muslim brothers in India would rather be understood it completely and live on to a harmony society.


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