Is CSR a human face of capitalism?

For a company, Corporate Social Responsibility ethically means making profit for long term view by building spectrum of socio-Eco friendship and responsibilities for sustainable development in the territory of the country and the world at large. On other words, it is the commitment of a company to carry forward the legacies of company to make the maximum profit giving priorities the least destruction of the sustainable eco-socio development of the premises. It is mainly comprised of Business Ethic, Corporate Citizenship, sustainability of socio- economics and corporate accountability of any menaces.

However, for me, Moral Ethics might be another fundamental element basis on which corporate leaders can strategize their plans. One of the most prominent leaders H.H. the Dalai Lama talks about Universal Responsibilities and Moral Ethics for sustainable development and he guided corporate leaders to adopt “the six perfections” in his book “The Leader’s Way”. He said that these six traits possessed leaders and concerned people have special ability to affect others in profound ways.1: Generosity: to render credits to others. 2: maintaining ethical discipline by controlling negative motivations and emotions such as greed, angers, hatred, lust, fear etc. He wrote “it is not wrong if the wealth is earned from honestly and without harming the environment”. 3: Patience: ability to remain calm and reflect for long terms when urgent circumstances rise. 4: Enthusiastic effort:  setting strong hold belief to reach at the pre-stated goals. 5: Concentration by focusing your mental energies on your goal. For most of the cases, corporates bridge social norms with lack of 6: Wisdoms to view right things. These are fundamental elements which bring social disorders and environmental disasters.

Since the time of relaxation of Indian economy constraints by 1990s, many SEZ and present multinational companies gave birth in India. One of the most controversial and merciless brands Kentucky Fried Chicken famously known as KFC started in India with 30 different outlets from Bangalore to other part of Indian cities. They were sparked by protest of farmers and PETA Organisation violating animal right and destructing Indian cultural norms. They also use different biochemical pesticides to grow chickens faster and which are found to be harmful for human health. However, stronger market has taken place by KFC and adding one more Pizza Hut with collaboration of Pepsico in India. There are numerous cases against the corporates sustaining by violating responsibilities in the world, such as Google in china by hacking human right activists’ gmail account and bad treatment of Apple company workers. So what is the best defence they could answer to the government of India by KFC? One best shot to keep government mouth crossed is by relaying on the objective to relaxation of Indian economy in mid 1990s by increasing employment and improving India economy.

Similar case of Coca-Cola India. It has brought so many inhumane tragedies against rural helpless people in India by enforcing them to displace their home and depleting ground water. If one the basic needs is stopped by corporate culprits, what is more needed to bring farmers’ life worse?

Coca-Cola won the Golden Peacock Award for CSR in India for the third times in 2009 for adopting certain some initiatives including harvesting rainwaters and educating small group of people to bring the advertisement and brainwashing common people to “love” lusty lady styled bottle. More than that, they destroy the property of larger community around the sites.

Corporate Social Responsibility is, thus, a flap to cover the contaminated bottle of Coca-Cola i.e. the capitalist or the concept





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