Nero´s Guests

While rolling journey from the bottom of southern part of Indian Rail network station, Chennai to the nick of northern India and by passing through the landscape of Indian sub land, wondered me amazingly for the most of the time. I enjoyed most of the journey by making mind calculating how much Indian soils are still untamed. Nero´s Guests has changed my perception with revealing the cornerstone of tragic fate of farmers in India especially during the time of economic reformation. With down seizing equality in India, like any other developing nation leaves no choice for the farmers than suicide to avoid corporate greed and penalties.

Nero´s Guests is documentary film by an eminent journalist, the Rural Affairs Editor of Hindu newspaper, P Sainath. The winner of the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s most prestigious prize in 2007. This film was based on his five and half years tirelessly project talking about the commitment of suicide by farmers in India. Over 40,000 farmers have committed suicide since 1995 over in 10 years. Indian mainstream media and political actors failed to notice. More than that accepting of peoples’ appeal to visit Indian prime minister in that area was prolonged to 10 years.

The documentary film raised voice to the heart of decision-making bodies of India, right through the ears of Rahul Gandhi. It must be a provoking statement by P Sainath , Indian economists graduated from “Harvard university” came for industrializing the Indian economy and never witnessed the plight of Indian farmers.

Farmers are those hard workers and many of them are widows (husband for the most of the cases committed suicide while unable to pay back loans from corporates culprits) used to indulge for 20 out of 24 hours in the farms. They farm most important seed of Indian industry “cotton” at thousands trucks yet, question fall on why they are remained penniless. They have endlessly struggled for nothing but just for survival including a sip for breathe.

With the lack of profit and interest of media in rural India, this documentary has sparked a light to people appealing and awakening this issue as the national ground research and signalled that media has room to go deep down to these areas for better India. It is the real zest as human interest and humanity to serve the better world of tomorrow.



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