A fateful year for media in India-2012

By-Younten Phuntsok

In the name of illusionary science of God, predictions for 2012 have being swung around more than two thousands and twelve times. Whilst the year passed to 2013 as normal as from its previous year, a fateful year has experienced by media and its journalists around the world.  Reporters Without Border (RWB) and Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) are the two captains monitoring independently rating the fates: facing threats, imprisonment, dead, exiled and missing of journalists. Media around the world also faced listening “culprits” from many prospects against its behavior and duty of media narrowed down individualistic interest.

Down town of Pakistan sourced website (ColumPk.com, Urdu Current Affairs Portal) misled uploading of a picture of Tibetan Monks carrying rituals procession to Earth Quake victim in Tibet, Yushu (2010) captained “the body of Muslim slaughtered by Buddhist (Barma)”. It was taken off after formal request of Tibetan Government in Exiled (India), claimed ”set up” pictures creating conflicts between Muslims and Buddhists. However, the online circulation was swinging around the world and effected in Mumbai. Indian government concluded that “Morphed pictures” sourced from Pakistan were responsible for North-East Exodus in India. It triggered the tranquillity and conscience of the people in Indian subcontinent upside down and left people with fears for many days. Indian media failed to highlight right from the time of Mumbai attract against Media and it was very clear that the morphed pictures were distributing among the public especially during the riot.

Besides that one of the most immature parts of media in India has been the revelation of personal identity of victims. When the Guwahati-based NewsLive channel reporter-aired video attacking a female showing her identities and privacy parts, it left her in trauma and shock. The same thing has happened during the time of Nepalese law student was gang rapped inside the college campus in Bangalore.   Controversy home stay attract in Mangalore by some

In larger part, the head of Zee News attempted bribe bargaining for dropping news that likely to be exposed against Mr Jindal’s company (Who was believed to be involved in Coalgate scam). For me, it would be the most shameful fact in the face of Indian media.

With greater magnitude, the vibration of media sickness ranged from Hot30 Countdown radio programme on the Aurtereo-owned station 2Day FM set up a prank call to Indian born Nurse, Jacintha Saldanha a mother of 16 years old boy and 14 years adopted daughter. The two employees Mel Greig and Mike Christian Radio organisation impersonalized Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles to obtained information about the Duchess of Cambridge’s health. 46 years old mother found hanged after 3 days of the prank call with notes proving the responsibility of 2Day FM Radio workers for her death.

When media are going into the darkness of government authoritarian in one side of the world, the light of freedom, self-reliance and self-regulation, in other side of the world, are unable to carry forward in the world where media are free-flow to go and often design themselves as the additional pillars of the constitution of a country. The force of corporate competition and individualistic profit-making sense including excessive reliance on advertisement have blocked the successful path of Media in serving as an independent agent between the government and her people in country like India.


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