Slum dwellers go unnoticed in Mangalore City

Living with sweats and difficulties of slum dwellers in the street as road constructing in Mangalore city earn just for living for a day. Economic margin for these people parts them with darkness from other sectors of the society

Mangalore in the past five years, have witnessed a tremendous fast developing pace. The economics of haves and non-haves are growing with vast gap which creates a condition to survival for the fittest.

A family of 10 drove by natural catastrophic drought from their home town, Durgappa in Kappala district and socio-economically crippled while accommodating them with newly struggling life in the city of Mangalore since last three years. 19 years old son Mr. Basanvari of Mr.Durgappa from the district are working in the road construction to support their families for survival.


People living in the slum areas have never being noticed by the responsible legal authorities. Mr. Basanvari dropped his school from his district while his father, was no longer able to support his families alone and started a new life in Mangalore. He quoted as saying “we have never sought any legal option nor government approached people living around us”. He further explained that the people living in his areas earn daily for survival by working in the road. He lives a kilometre away from Hanpankatta.

Mangalore City Corporation on slum dwellers across the city, has recently made announcement to extend support of Rs.10 Lakhs funding for building houses. The number of slum which government notified of 8 are found increased to 21 and would not be satisfied with MCC package.

Mr. Basanvari and his father were struggling for their eight other members with a sum of sufficient amount for survival. He said “whatever we earn for a day is sufficient for the day”. It is nevertheless, he further said “difficult to deal with certain sudden difficult situations arises” especially “when we get sick”.




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