Tibetans MOTHER dumps HUJINTOA

Fifty one and eleven years propositions
Chinese leaders to Tibetans mother
Still leaves them on depressing
When each them hops one higher stair
Furthering them to more miles away
A pride for martyr Tibetans mother

Crimson cheeked on oily green meadows
Shines its waves crowning herself after all
Leaving breathe unto milky souls
Holding them on blocked ducks
Mighty souls of grandeur world

All are born for lives
Lives are grown for helps
Helps are nurtured for shares
When one blinks in prioritizing
The world to be beamed on sparks of shine
Bequeathing thy voice sparks on assaulting Tibetan mother

I am a Tibetan
My mother is neither a widow,
Neither married nor a bride
A crystallized and compassionate
Nurtures six and more millions
Feeding a continent through single wave
Raising hope and fading filthiness on thy hearts


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