Recalling unisons among Tibetans

Tibetan Shepherd

Recounting 128 Tibetan lives across the world alighted themselves into the fire selflessly protesting against repressive iron fist policy of Chinese Communist regime on undefended Tibetans in Tibet, it is hard to bear counting lives in fires while I am comfortably in free world. However, it is consequential obligated to narrate unbearable pains that every Tibetans in Tibet force to undergo. It was my duty to reiterate their clear motive of being offering lives for Tibet.

In the disclosure of the account of testament of 128 self-immolators, repeated personal wishful message left behind underscores the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to uphold his profound legacy to embrace his love and compassion to Tibetans in Tibet and logically to Chinese citizens as well.

Historically Tibet was disintegrated and did not have sporadic unanimous alliances among Central Tibet, Lhasa and rest of Amdo and Khampa province before Peoples Liberation Army annexed the whole Tibet in 1959. I am of my personal feeling that the notes of legacy that most of the martyrs pointed the need of “unison” among Tibetans, despite being proved in the call of massive political mass eruption in 2008. Recalling Pawo Jample Yeshi and similar lines of Sopa Renpoche decidedly appeals Tibetan to be remained united which often lacks among Tibetans in exile.

The stern policy of Chinese government deliberately in “restive” Tibet Autonomous Region reintroduced numerous regressive policies including patriotic re-education ; undergoing Tibetans to change their ideological loyalty to Communist Party, forceful denouncing to H.H the Dalai Lama building tremendous religious sentiment specially among monastic Tibetans though it hurts other Tibetans. The policy also shades out a sense of Tibetanness by implementing Mandarin as the classical Chinese citizens language and removed Tibetan Language from the main course. It is my personal inclination that Serta (the biggest Tibetan religious centre where number of trained in Tibetan language and Buddhist scholars study) bounded Abbots started free tuition training to young Tibetans in different parts of Tibet since some years. Yet another policy was announced by Chinese government banning all the centres and accused that those Abbots did not have proper training and experience, thus cut of the opportunities that attaining teacher training certificate was mandatory which is impossible for monks.

Moreover, in area of restive cites of TAR, the deployment of Chinese police and planting spies among Tibetan by Chinese government often leads to psychologically and environmentally disturbances and builds a strong hatred and suffocating Tibetans, which often feel that Tibetans choose the last resort.

Chinese government criticism against Tibetans in diaspora “instigating” Tibetans to jump into the fire and often cited as “Dalai Clique” rounded flopped and largely being viewed among international audience that accusation didn’t have weightage.

Critics may be eloquently drawn differently but the method of self-immolation does not have any difference from what Mahatma Gandhi chose to bring down British.